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This report describes the energy expenditures and requirements of different population groups.


This excel file provides edible proportion for about 2900 foods. Edible refers to material remaining after the inedible waste (e.g., peel, pit, stone) has been trimmed away.

Public Health England

This website complements the USDA National Nutrient Database with nutrient composition and ingredient information for branded foods and private label data provided by the food industry.


This document, in French, provides data for a listing of foods on weight per household measure, portion, or unit; ‘partie comestible’ (edible portion); ‘facteur de reduction’ (reduction factor); ‘…

Conseil Supérieur d’Hygiène

This website provides access to an online database developed by the US National Agricultural Library to search for food composition data by food item, food group, or manufacturer name.


This website provides access to a directory of food composition databases.

National Nutrient Databank Conference

This Intake survey guidance document provides an overview of key planning and design considerations for quantitative 24-hour recall dietary surveys in low- and middle-income countries.

Deitchler M, Arimond M, Carriquiry A, Hotz C, Tooze JA

This paper summarizes research that has reported on how dietary data have been collected in the context of shared plate eating, and concludes that methods to assess dietary intake in the context…

Burrows T, Collins C, Adam M, Duncanson K, Rollo M

This Intake publication provides an overview of the various methodologic issues that are relevant to the collection and analysis of dietary data when a key objective of the survey includes…

Tooze JA

This Intake survey guidance document provides an overview of the main pre-survey tasks that should be considered as part of the planning, design, and budgeting process for large-scale quantitative…

Vossenaar M, Arimond M, Deitchler M, Lubowa A, Hotz C, Moursi M