Intake works to reduce barriers to dietary data collection, analysis, and use. We develop technology tools for data collection, processing, and analysis; and provide technical support for the use of these tools. We also develop and validate global metrics to facilitate the evidence-based assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of diets at the population-level. Combined, these efforts provide an infrastructure for both reducing the associated resource burden and strengthening capacity for the collection and use of dietary data to inform evidence-based policy and program design related across sectors.

  • GDQS App

    The Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS) is a metric of diet quality validated for global use. We developed the GDQS App to provide a streamlined, low-burden approach to collect and tabulate population-based data on diet quality globally.  The GDQS App is free to use, and Intake technical support for use of the GDQS App is currently available at no cost.  The App is currently available with Bengali, English, French, Hausa, Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, and Yoruba translation. Users can translate the App into other languages as needed. To express interest in using the GDQS App, contact us at

    We also provide tools to support the standardized tabulation of the GDQS, globally. These tools are freely available for public use upon request. To learn more, contact us at

  • INDDEX24 Dietary Assessment Platform

    Intake hosts and manages the INDDEX24 Dietary Assessment Platform, developed by the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy through the INDDEX Project (2015-2022). Intake is also available to provide technical support for use of the Platform. The INDDEX24 Dietary Assessment Platform includes the INDDEX24 Mobile App and the Global Food Matters Database. 

    The INDDEX24 Mobile App is a technology-assisted data collection tool developed for global use to provide a streamlined approach to collect quantitative 24-hour dietary recall data. To express interest in using the INDDEX24 Mobile App, contact us at

    The Global Food Matters Database is an open access online global repository of dietary reference data that facilitates dietary survey work by providing a mechanism for contextual adaptation of the INDDEX24 Mobile App and for the sharing of dietary reference data across dietary surveys. To request access to the Global Food Matters Database, contact us at

  • Intake4Earth App

    Intake has developed a beta version of an Intake4Earth App to provide a simplified method to collect quantitative dietary data and provide automated reporting on the environmental impact of diets. 

    The App is designed for use in a population-based survey to facilitate a simple 24-hour dietary recall, with dietary recall data linked to environmental impact data to allow for automatic reporting of key environmental metrics related to the planetary boundaries framework. In addition, the App allows for automatic reporting on the proportion of the population consuming a healthy diet.

    Going forward, the innovation process will focus on further developing the App to automatically report on additional population-level metrics, such as the proportion of the population consuming an environmentally sustainable diet and the proportion of the population consuming an environmentally sustainable, healthy diet.

    Learn more about the App here. To express interest in using the App, please contact us at