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Thank you for visiting Our site is currently under construction. Please check back in June 2019 to see our new website. In the meantime, you can still find information about Intake at this site.

Intake is a Center for Dietary Assessment at FHI 360. For background information about Intake, please refer to our brochure (PDF, 209KB). For information about the technical assistance services that Intake offers in relation to population-based surveys, click here (PDF, 452KB).

Intake is currently working to develop an extensive set of tools, templates and guidance pieces related to the planning, design, collection, and analysis of quantitative 24-hour recall dietary surveys in low and middle income countries. The resources currently available for download include: 1) a GANTT chart (ZIP, 170KB), which can be used to outline the timeline required for the required survey activities across all phases of survey work (i.e. before, during, and after data collection); and 2) a budget template (ZIP, 191KB) to provide a framework for estimating the costs required for undertaking a quantitative 24-hour recall dietary survey.

Intake is also currently working with Harvard University to develop and validate new metrics of diet quality for women of reproductive age, with a specific focus on developing and validating metrics that are appropriate for use in low and middle income countries. Intake recently published a technical report (PDF, 7.6MB)to provide the context and motivation for this work, and a review and synthesis of conceptual and operational definitions of diet quality.

To hear how dietary data can help inform the development of evidence-based food, nutrition, and agricultural programs and policies, please take an opportunity to watch the brief Intake video below. The video is available with English, French, and Spanish sub-titles.

If you are interested in receiving updates on Intake events and publications, please email Megan Deitchler at to request to be added to Intake’s email distribution list.

Intake Global Dietary Data Video – English Version

Intake Global Dietary Data Video – French Version

Intake Global Dietary Data Video – Spanish Version

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