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This Standards Tables of Food Composition in Japan provides data on "refuse" (i.e.

Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.

This FAO publication provides guidelines for the production, management and use of food composition data.

Greenfield H, Southgate DAT

This 60-page document provides nutrient composition, weight, and volume data for an extensive listing of foods and mixed dishes commonly consumed in Canada.  Density data for numerous foods can be…

Canada Ministry of Health

This FAO/INFOODS document provides guidelines for checking food composition data prior to the publication of a user table/database.


This FAO and FANTA document provides guidance for the collection of the Minimum Dietary Diversity for WRA (MDD-W) indicator.  MDD-W is a dietary diversity indicator that has been shown to reflect…

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FHI 360

These FAO/INFOODS guidelines developed describe an approach to food matching and the steps required.

Stadlmayr B, Wijesinha-Bettoni R, Haytowitz D, Rittenschober D, Cunningham J, Sobolewski R, Eisenwagen S, Baines J, Probst Y, Fitt E, Charrondiere UR

This paper presents the INFOODS guidelines for describing foods.

Truswell S, Bateson A, Madafiglio KC, Pennington JAT, Rand WM, Klensin JC

This paper describes a food classification system that is based on the level of processing of the food.  Foods are categorized into four groups: Group 1 - Unprocessed or minimally processed foods…

Monteiro CA, Cannon G, Levy RB, Moubarac J-C, Jaime P, Martins AP, Canella D, Louzada ML, Parra D

This Intake survey planning tool outlines the main activities involved in undertaking a quantitative 24-hour recall dietary survey.

Intake - Center for Dietary Assessment

The objective of this Intake workbook is to provide a budget template that can be adapted for use in estimating the costs required for a quantitative 24-hour recall dietary survey.

Intake - Center for Dietary Assessment