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This report - completed on behalf of the EuroFIR Consortium - compares recipe calculation methods used in Europe in an attempt to harmonize recipe calculation procedures to enable between-country…

Reinivuo H, Laitinen K

This report - completed on behalf of the EuroFIR Consortium – provides specific guidance to support the recipe calculation procedures recommended by EuroFIR in which weight yields are applied at…

Lucia Vasquez-Caicedo A, Bell S, Hartmann B

This United University Press publication provides guidelines on the organization and content of food composition tables and databases, methods for analyzing foods and compiling those tables, and…

Rand WM, Pennington JAT, Murphy SP, Klensin JC

This paper is an overview of different methods available to address the issue of misreporting.

Banna JC, McCrory MA, Fialkowski MK, Boushey C

This paper is an overview of issues and potential solutions related to misreporting (with a focus on underreporting).

Castro-Quezada I, Ruano-Rodriguez C, Ribas-Barba L, Serra-Majem L

This paper describes the revision and use of the Goldberg cut-offs in identifying energy misreporters.

Black AE

This paper describes the development and  test for precision and accuracy of visual aids (small size photographs, life size photographs, line diagrams and households utensils) to estimates…

Thoradeniya T, de Silva A, Arambepola C, Atukorala S, Lanerolle P

In the method section of this paper, the authors report in detail how 24HDR interviews are conducted using the multipass method and what kind of visual aids are used to help individuals to…

Pries AM, Rehman AM, Filteau S, Sharma N, Upadhyay A, Ferguson EL

This paper describes the key points to consider in developing and using a food photographs atlas for portion size estimation.

Nelson M, Haraldsdottir J

This paper gives an overview of methods used to characterise overall diet: a priori methods, i.e., score based approaches (mainly based on dietary recommendations) and a posteriori methods, i.e.,…

Ocké MC