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Here is where you can get up to date on Intake's most recent news and announcements.  We also provide links below to selected recent publications and news articles, and other noteworthy items and events relevant to the collection, analysis and use of dietary data. 

News & Announcements

GDQS Data Visualization Webpage

November 12, 2023

We have added a new GDQS data visualization page to our website. These visualizations showcase what you can do with Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS) data. Visit the page at this link.  We hope you enjoy viewing, exploring, interacting with, and being inspired by these visuals.

Be sure to write to us at GDQS@FHI360.org if you are interested to collect GDQS data with the GDQS app. The app is available for use at no cost.

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Intake at Micronutrient Forum

October 15, 2023

Intake is at the Micronutrient Forum this week - Please come visit us at Exhibit Booth #9! We have the GDQS app and the INDDEX24 app available on tablets to give those who stop by a hands-on opportunity to see how the apps work. We also have interactive GDQS data visualizations available to explore - for those who stop by to see first-hand the type of data collected by the GDQS app and how the data provide important information for policies and programs.

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GDQS Social Media Toolkit

April 28, 2023

We welcome your involvement to help promote uptake and use of the Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS) metric and app through your engagement with this

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Call for Expressions of Interest for No-Cost, Multi-Year Technical Support from Intake

March 15, 2023

Over the last five years, Intake has provided no-cost, multi-year technical support to 8 low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) for dietary survey planning and dietary data collection, processing, cleaning, and analysis.  In 2023, we will provide technical support to many of these countries to help optimize the use of the data collected for informing country programs and policies.

Over the next four years, Intake is available to work with up to six additional LMICs who plan to carry out a quantitative 24-hour dietary recall survey to inform country programs and policies. We…

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New Intake Publication: Guidance for the Use of Standard and Non-Standard Recipes in Quantitative 24-Hour Dietary Recall Surveys - The Simple Ingredient Method

December 31, 2022

This Intake publication provides guidance for the planning, data collection, and analysis work related to standard and non-standard recipe data in the context of quantitative 24-hour dietary recall surveys. The simple ingredient method for recipes is the method of focus described in the document.

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