West African Food Composition Table (Table de Composition des Aliments d’Afrique de l’Ouest)

This FAO document provides food composition data for foods commonly consumed in West Africa.  The document includes "edible conversion factors" for foods, calculated as the edible portion of the total food (as purchased) and presented as a ratio.  Data for "yield factors" are presented separately for the listed foods. Please refer also to the updated West Africa Food Composition Table 2019.

Stadlmayr B, Charrondiere UR, Enujiugha VN, Bayili RG, Fagbohoun EG, Samb B, Addy P, Barikmo I, Ouattara F, Oshaug A, Akinyele I, Annar GA, Bomfeh K, Ene-Obong H, Smith IF, Thiam I, Burlingame B
Focus Area:
Dietary data pre-survey activities
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