FAO/INFOODS Food Composition Table for West Africa (2019)

The FAO/INFOODS Food Composition Table for Western Africa (WAFCT 2019) is an update of the West African Food Composition Table of 2012, which lacked some important components, foods and recipes. WAFCT 2019 contains almost three times as many food entries and double the number of components, with increased overall data quality. Many of the data points from WAFCT 2012 have been replaced with better data – mostly analytical data from Africa, with a special emphasis on Western Africa.  The WAFCT 2019 data sheets can be found here.

Vincent A, Grande F, Compaore E, Amponsah Annor G, Addy PA, Aburime LC, Ahmed D, Bih Loh AM, Dahdouh Cabia S, Deflache N, Dembele FM, Dieudonne B, Edwige OB, Ene-Obong HN, Fanou Fogny N, Ferreira M, Omaghomi Jemide J, Kouebou PC, Muller C, Najera Espinosa S, Ouattara F, Rittenschober D, Schonfeldt H, Stadlmayr B, van Deventer M, Razikou Yiagnigni A, Charrondiere UR
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Dietary data pre-survey activities
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