Intake Budget Template: A Workbook to Assist with Budgeting the Costs for a Quantitative 24-Hour Recall Dietary Survey

The objective of this Intake workbook is to provide a budget template that can be adapted for use in estimating the costs required for a quantitative 24-hour recall dietary survey. The budget template has been designed to be especially relevant for large-scale (e.g. national) surveys but can be adapted for smaller-scale surveys. The template covers five main phases of work; 1. Pre-survey activities at the central level; 2. Pre-survey activities at the regional level; 3. Training activities; 4. Data collection activities for the main survey; and 5. Post-data collection work. Each phase of work is represented by a different spreadsheet (or tab) in the workbook. A PDF document to describe how to use the budget template is available in the preview and download windows. The budget template file is available here, as an Excel file.

Intake - Center for Dietary Assessment
Focus Area:
Dietary data survey planning
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Survey planning tools