Photo of Joanne Arsenault

Joanne Arsenault

Joanne recently joined Intake as a Senior Dietary Data Advisor. Joanne has 30 years of experience in dietary intake surveys and analysis for research studies in the US and internationally. Before joining Intake, Joanne was an Associate Project Scientist in the Institute for Global Nutrition at the University of California, Davis. Her global work has included dietary studies in Peru, Bangladesh, and Burkina Faso using 24-hour recall and weighed record observations. She has extensive experience with dietary data analysis, including design and use of programs to convert food to nutrient intakes and the use of statistical techniques to assess usual nutrient intakes and adequacy. Joanne received a PhD in Nutrition with an emphasis in International Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, a MS in Epidemiology from Harvard University, and a MPH in Human Nutrition from the University of Michigan.