Photo of Janet Tooze

Janet Tooze

Janet Tooze is a Professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Data Science at Wake Forest School of Medicine. She is a biostatistician with a focus on statistical methods for diet and physical activity assessment. Since 2002, she has been a member of the Measurement Error Group at NCI. In this capacity, she developed methods to estimate the usual intake of foods and nutrients in a unified framework, the "NCI Method," the foundation of which is a statistical model developed by Dr. Tooze for repeated measures data with excess zeroes. The macro she developed to fit this model has been used by researchers across America and in 13 foreign countries. She has received three NIH Merit Awards in recognition of her work in the advancement of dietary assessment, and published over 110 peer-reviewed journal articles in various topic areas, including statistical methods for analyzing data with excess zeroes, validation of dietary assessment measures, dietary patterns, nutritional status, nutritional epidemiology, physical activity measurement error, and many others. She served on the panel for the National Academies of Science report, Dietary Reference Intakes for Sodium and Potassium, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.