Photo of Frances Knight

Frances Knight

Frances Knight is a Public Health Nutritionist with a background in qualitative and quantitative nutrition research, including dietary intake and linear programming. Frances is currently a part-time PhD Candidate at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Her research focuses on the development of a decision-support tool to compare trade offs between agriculture and nutrition criteria when selecting foods to promote for production and/or consumption in nutrition-sensitive agriculture programmes. In addition, Frances works with the World Food Programme on the Fill the Nutrient Gap Analysis and the New York Academy of Sciences Nutrition Modellers Consortium. Previously, Frances has worked on African and South Asian-based Agriculture and Nutrition research projects at LSHTM and with FANTA, GAIN and WHO in Europe, Africa, South Asia and Central America, conducting Optifood analysis and trainings as well as qualitative trials to test the feasibility and acceptability of food-based recommendations. Frances has a Masters Degree in Nutrition for Global Health from LSHTM.