An Overview of the Main Pre-Survey Tasks Required for Large-Scale Quantitative 24-Hour Recall Dietary Surveys in LMICs

This Intake survey guidance document provides an overview of the main pre-survey tasks that should be considered as part of the planning, design, and budgeting process for large-scale quantitative 24-hour recall dietary surveys in LMICs. The document focus on the following 5 pre-survey tasks:

Task 1.  Compiling a comprehensive food, recipe, and ingredient listing (FRIL)

Task 2.  Prioritizing and selecting mixed dishes for standard recipe data collection

Task 2b. Collecting standard recipe data

Task 3.  Selecting portion size estimation methods (PSEMs) to use for each item in the FRIL and standard recipe database

Task 3b. Compiling and/or collecting PSEM conversion factors for each item in the FRIL and standard recipe database

Task 4.  Developing the probe list for foods, ingredients, mixed dishes, and standard recipes 

Task 5.  Compiling the food composition database for the survey

Vossenaar M, Arimond M, Deitchler M, Lubowa A, Hotz C, Moursi M
Focus Area:
Dietary data pre-survey activities, Dietary data survey planning
Publication type:
Technical briefs