Global Report on the State of Dietary Data

This joint FAO and Intake publication is the first ever Global report on the state of dietary data.  The purpose of the report is to take stock and celebrate the collection and use of dietary data in LMICs, while generating further momentum for investment in dietary surveys.

The report is divided into three Sections.

Section 1 of the report provides a global overview of dietary surveys carried out in LMICs from 1980 through 2019, analysing key characteristics and trends over time.

Section 2 of the report celebrates the increased investment in dietary surveys in LMICs by highlighting country stories related to dietary survey initiation, implementation and data use.

Section 3 of the report is aimed at generating further momentum for investment in government-led dietary surveys in LMICs by illustrating, through data visualizations, the type of information dietary data can provide for policy makers.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Intake - Center for Dietary Assessment
Focus Area:
Dietary data advocacy, Dietary data analysis, Dietary data collection, Dietary data pre-survey activities, Dietary data results, Dietary data survey planning, Dietary data use
Publication type:
Technical reports