ERICA: Intake of Macro and Micronutrients of Brazilian Adolescents

This paper describes dietary intakes of Brazilian adolescents (12-17y). Energy and percentage of energy from macronutrients are based on a single quantitative 24HDR. The paper also reports percentages of nutrient inadequacy based on usual micronutrient intakes (computed from a second 24HDR collected on a subsample and using the National Cancer Institute (NCI) method). Prevalence of micronutrient inadequacy were computed using the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) or the probability method.

Souza AdM, Barufaldi LA, Abreu GdeA, Giannini DT, de Oliveira CL, dos Santos MM, Leal VS, Vasconcelos FdeAG
Focus Area:
Dietary data results
Publication type:
Peer reviewed articles