DIET@NET: Best Practice Guidelines for Dietary Assessment in Health Research

This paper reports best practice guidelines to be followed in order to choose the most appropriate dietary assessment tool. These guidelines are the result of an international experts consultancy and are divided into 4 stages: i) Define what has to be measured in terms of dietary intake; ii) Investigate the different types of Dietary Assessment Tools and their suitability for research question; iii) Evaluate existing tools to select the most appropriate Dietary Assessment Tool; iv) Think through the implementation of the chosen Dietary Assessment Tools.

Cade JE, Warthon-Medina M, Albar S, Alwan NA, Ness A, Roe M, Wark PA, Greathead K, Burley VJ, Finglas P, Johnson L, Page P, Roberts K, Steer T, Hooson J, Greenwood DC, Robinson S
Focus Area:
Dietary data survey planning
Publication type:
Peer reviewed articles