A Working Guide for Urban Food Listing: Food Listing for Processed Packaged and Vendor-Prepared Foods in Urban Centers for Use in 24-Hour Dietary Recall Surveys

This guide describes a set of methods, tools, and data capture formats that can be used to help identify processed foods commonly consumed in a target geographic area.  The set of methods, tools, and data capture formats described are meant to be part of a broader food listing exercise, to be carried out as a pre-survey input to a quantitative 24-hour dietary recall survey. The set of processed foods of focus in the guide include: i) Processed packaged foods and beverages (including fortified foods and beverages) that may be purchased in formal or informal markets; and ii) Processed foods and meals prepared and purchased outside the home, whether prepared by commercial food chains, local restaurants, street vendors, or other types of food vendors. 

GAIN, Intake - Center for Dietary Assessment, KEMRI
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Dietary data pre-survey activities
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Manuals and guides