Intake GANTT Template: A Document to Assist with the Planning of Activities and Timelines for a Quantitative 24-Hour Recall Dietary Survey

This Intake survey planning tool outlines the main activities involved in undertaking a quantitative 24-hour recall dietary survey. This is done using a GANTT template that can be used by survey organizers to plan the timeline for carrying out survey activities. The template has been designed to be especially relevant for large-scale (e.g. national) quantitative 24-hour recall dietary surveys but can be adapted for smaller-scale surveys. The template is not meant to be prescriptive. It is meant to provide a starting point for survey organizers to plan the timeline for the set of activities to be carried out during all phases of survey work (i.e. before, during, and after data collection). The PDF document to describe how to use the GANTT template is available in the preview and download windows. The GANTT template is available here, as an excel file.

Intake - Center for Dietary Assessment
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Dietary data survey planning
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Survey planning tools