CSDietary Software Program

CSDietary is a software system developed by HarvestPlus and SerPro S.A. to support nutrition researchers around the world to enter, manage, and process data from quantitative 24-hour dietary recall surveys. The CSDietary software is fully customizable to tailor food composition tables and recipes to region-specific foods, measurement methods, and cooking techniques. It features an expanded food composition table, options to generate outputs for different statistical packages, and a seamless data sharing platform on the cloud. The program is accompanied by quick guides on how to install and operate the program.  A zipped folder is available for download, which includes the following material:

  • The CSDietary software (a .exe file to be installed) and a Readme file (a .txt file)
  • Three quick guides (in pdf) for use of the software: a 'Director Guide', a 'Data Keyer Guide', and a 'User Guide'
  • Example data collection template files (in .xlsx) for a 24-hour dietary recall and for collection of a non-standard or household recipe that parallel the format used by the CSDietary software
  • A variable dictionary (in .xlsx)
  • CSDietary software license information (in PDF and .txt)

For technical questions related to the use of CSDietary, please send an email to Intake at feedback@intake.org

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Dietary data analysis, Dietary data pre-survey activities, Dietary data survey planning
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