The Cost and Cost Efficiency of Conducting a 24-H Dietary Recall using INDDEX24

This research article, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, provides empirical data on the cost and cost-efficiency of conducting a 24-hour dietary recall using the INDDEX24 mobile app in comparison to a traditional pen and paper data collection approach. Learn about the potential cost-savings associated with using INDDEX24 here.

The INDDEX24 mobile app is a technology assisted data collection tool that allows for quantitative 24- hour dietary recall survey data to be collected (following the conventional multi-pass method) on mobile devices, thereby eliminating the need for a separate data entry process to be required. Within the INDDEX24 mobile app, there is also functionality to undertake some aspects of data processing, thereby enabling real-time monitoring of the quality of data collected.  The app was developed to be appropriate for global use.

Adams KP, Bell W, Some J, Colaiezzi B, Wafa S, Rogers B, Coates J
Focus Area:
Dietary data collection, Dietary data survey planning
Publication type:
Peer reviewed articles