Considerations for the Selection of Portion Size Estimation Methods for Use in Quantitative 24-Hour Dietary Recall Surveys in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This Intake survey guidance document discusses key considerations related to the selection, assignment, and use of portion size estimation methods in a quantitative 24-hour dietary recall survey.  Portion size estimation methods that are well-suited for a large-scale survey are described; guidance on how to select and assign portion size estimation methods to food items is provided; and key tasks and considerations for operationalizing the portion size estimation methods selected for use in a survey are described. The document is a must-read, key resource for those who are planning a quantitative 24-hour dietary recall survey in a low- or middle-income country context.

Vossenaar M, Lubowa A, Hotz C, Deitchler M, Moursi M, Arimond M, Crispim SP, Arsenault J
Focus Area:
Dietary data collection, Dietary data pre-survey activities
Publication type:
Manuals and guides