Bromage et al 2023 JNutr
Validation of the GDQS App in Thailand

November 15, 2023

This new paper, published in the Journal of Nutrition, reports on a validation study of the Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS) App in Thailand. Data were collected from 600 male and non-pregnant, non lactating females 40-60 years of age. The study compared data collected via the GDQS App with data collected via a quantitative 24-hour dietary recall survey (using the same reference period as for the GDQS App) and data collected via a Food Frequency Questionnaire (using a 1 month reference period). Data for all methods were collected from the same participants. Various diet-related metrics (the GDQS, the GDR, the MDD-W, and the AHEI-2010) were tabulated with the data collected by different data collection instruments. Metric associations with outcomes of nutrient adequacy and risk factors for non-communicable disease were then evaluated. The GDQS metric collected with the GDQS App showed strong associations with the outcomes of diet quality evaluated. Across the different data collection methods assessed, the GDQS metric, as collected with GDQS App, was reported to have more associations with the diet quality outcomes evaluated than any of the other diet quality metrics tabulated across the different data collection methods assessed.